2020/21: Robin Arthur (Forced Entertainment)


During November, December and January we will be working to make a performance together. There will be two main areas of concern: firstly, the process of generating work collectively, especially text, although hopefully we will also be able to do some (distanced) physical work. We will look at ways in which frameworks and structures can enable individual performers to express their own personalities in a way that nevertheless makes for a satisfying collective shape. This will involve a lot of improvisation and discussion, but always, I hope, with the idea that at the end we will be presenting some aspect of the work to a public. Which brings me to the second part of the project: the business of making live work in the context of the pandemic. How can we work together? What kind of topics make sense in this extraordinary context, and, not least, how can we make Das Lehrangebot 61 satisfactory performances that respect the safety of both artists and audiences?

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