POSITIONEN SZENISCHER FORSCHUNG XI: Robin Arthur (Forced Entertainment)

14.01.2021/ 19:00 Uhr / ZOOM

Stumbling About In The Dark

Recently someone asked us about how Forced Entertainment went about the process of making performances. There was a long silence, a lot of ummms and errrrs, and then one of us (Richard Lowdon, if I remember correctly) said:

‘We don’t really have a set of fixed techniques or starting points. We just sit down and talk about what we want to make, and then we try to make it. But there are no signposts. Mostly what we do is stumble about in the dark until we bump into something interesting.’

So in this talk, I want to try to analyse how that has worked in practice, and suggest ways in which the organization of the group has informed that stumbling about so that, mostly, we do ‘bump into something interesting’ during the process of creating a piece.

Foto: Hugo Glendinning

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